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  • Vivere la Majella

    The Arimannia Hotel is located just outside the town of Caramanico Terme, a small town situated in the heart of the Majella National Park. Thanks to this unique geographical position, it is not difficult to reach beautiful places surrounded by wild nature, rich flora and fauna of incredible beauty.

    The charming Orfento Valley is a popular destination turustica. It is the natural reserve of unique splendor, inhabited by deer, chamois of Abruzzo, golden eagles and wolves, in a landscape floral rich of orchids and stars Alpine of Apennine.

    In Abruzzo, whose mountains are an ideal place for the ascetic life, there are more than one hundred hermitages, most of which are located right on the Majella. The best known and most visited are the hermitages Celestinani of Pope Celestine V.

    In your spare time you can make trips to Sulmona, the city of "Confetti" or visit the characteristic villages of Abruzzo. At Caramanico you can admire the quaint old town, rich in sacred places. Among the most important are the churches of St. Maria Maggiore, St. Nicholas of Bari, St. Lorenzo dei Cappuccini, St. Maurizio and the convent of the Poor Clares. For the more intrepid and brave we organize guided tours on horseback, courses of free climbing and bungee jumping.